RKM opener for microfiber

NOWO RK fibre / NOWO RKM micro opener

RK series of openers were developed for opening polyester staple fibers. The machine has two adjustable infeed rollers and two adjustable workers with a metal detector at the infeed. The main drum and the other rollers are covered with a suitable metallic clothing.

The machine is preferably placed next to a bale opener. The PA bale opener and the RK fine opener give together a maximum opening to each fibre kilo. The result is extremely lofty with high air content. Nowo has also a carding machine for quilting lines, a micro-denier fibre RKM opener with Microvac

Working width 1200/1500 mm
Conveyor belt lenght 1000 mm
Main drum diameter 600 mm
Lenght 3400 mm
Capacity up to 550 kg/h of staple fibers, depending on material, for microfiber some less
Height 1200 mm
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