NOWO PA bale opener

BALE OPENER PA feeds staple fibers into RK opening machine or into our carding machine. It is a perfect machine both in ball fibre production and cushion or quilt filling.

NOWO RK fibre / NOWO RKM micro opener

RK series of openers were developed for opening polyester staple fibers. The machine has two adjustable infeed rollers and two adjustable workers with a metal detector at the infeed.

NOWOROLL S ball fiber machine

NOWOROLL SINGLE ball fiber machine is physically of small size but has a big capacity. It can be connected on-line with a cushion filling production line NOWO VAC or NOWO BLOW.

NOWOROLL D ball fiber machine

NOWOROLL DOUBLE is the most efficient Nowo ball fiber machine. It can be connected in-line with cushion filling production NOWO VAC or NOWO BLOW.

NOWO BLOW pillow filling system

Our blowing system NOWO BLOW can be used for large capacity furniture cushion production. It has an accurate weighing unit as used in our other machines and a pillow / cushion filling system with blowing method.

NOWO VAC STANDARD weighing and vacuum unit

NOWO VAC STANDARD weighing and vacuum unit is an effective pillow filling machine. It is versatile for many different kinds of objects, like filling of small decorative pillows or furniture cushions.

NOWO DOUBLE VAC weighing and vacuum units

NOWO DOUBLE VAC is the most effective model of NOWO VAC series – its filling principle is based on vacuum filling. The machinery includes two feeding / weighing systems and two double filling boxes where filling of pillows happens simultaneously.

NOWO MIX blending device and storage bin

NOWO MIX is used for blending and storing of fiber material together either with foam plastic granulates or feathers for further use. Infeed of material by rotating distributors.

NOWO Q quilting line

NOWO Q is a complete quilting line to meet all your requirements. It can be connected to most quilting machines in the market, which then determine the production speed.

NOWO W wadding lines

NOWO W wadding line is designed to produce a high quality wadding for furniture and mattress industries, for the production of quilts and filter materials.


NOWO BLENDING LINE consists of three or more bale openers with digital weighing, a collecting conveyor belt and a pre-opener / blender for the material

NOWO BS blending silo

NOWO BS blending silo is designed to blend together different filling materials. The silo is filled with two or more materials, either with a given amount, or using the weighing device as an option.

NOWO UF universal feeding device

For the feeding of foam plastic granulates / opened fibre blends, first feeding belt length 3 000 mm, with motor controlled by a photocell, second feeding belt and an output roller by adjustable speed motor, an evener roller and a transversal collecting belt at the output with own motor, ventilator.

Additional equipment to Nowo Machinery

Nowo manufactures also many other kinds of additional equipment, for further information please contact Nowo Sales.

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