NOWO BS blending silo

NOWO BS blending silo

NOWO BS blending silo is designed to blend together different filling materials. The silo is filled with two or more materials, either with a given amount, or using the weighing device as an option.

The ventilator blends the materials vertically and a blending shaft on the bottom of the silo horizontally. Blending of a batch takes a couple of minutes. If the silo is furnished with a digital weighing unit, the operator gets information when a new batch is fed into the machine.

The infeed happens by a transporting blower into a wooden trough, where the materials are poured in. The system is controlled by a PLC, and different recipes can be managed by a touch-screen.

This results in an easy and optimal operating vonvenience with all production data. The line is effective as well as accurate. NOWO BS blending silo can be tailored to extend your existing or future Nowo processing lines.

Suggested raw materials:

  • ball fibres
  • feathers
  • foam plastic granulates
  • latex
Capacity depending on the blending proportions approximately 150 kg/h
Transporting blower input 4 KW
Blending/output blower with inverter 4 KW
Height 4 m
Area needed 2×4 m
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