Professional High Performance Tools for Textile Industry

Professional High Performance Tools for Textile Industry

Nowo, as a proprietary designer and manufacturer of modern high production Textile Machinery, serves much of the fibre processing industry. Able to offer high output, state of the art computer-controlled cushion-filling lines, smart quilting lines and ball fibre lines all with integral precision weighing.

Nowo developed at the end of 80’s the Nowo Vac pillow filling system, which has been our best-selling equipment besides Noworoll ball fiber machine. Our machine range covers the whole production chain from bale opening to weighing and filling and can handle most fibres in the market. We can deliver individual machines or complete production lines tailored to a client’s specific needs.

At the beginning of 90’s Nowo developed Noworoll ball fibre machine which has a high capacity. This machine can be connected on line with pillow filling machine Nowo Vac. Our best customer has 17 such machines.

Individual machines can be e.g. bale openers, opening machines, cards, cross-lappers, recycling equipment as Pickers, mixing devices, material silos, sacking devices, vacuum sacking devices, anti-static devices etc.

Due to our intensive developing work Nowo has got 7 patents for its products during the years.


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